Expand your product assortment in minutes

More than just Drop shipping

Connecting to the network of suppliers, at approved companies is easy. All it takes is an E-commerce store, and we support the vast majority of open-source systems.

You might be in the intial phases of opening up your business, and have the skillset to handled marketing & development yourself. The thing you haven’t figured out yet, is how to handle the logistics. Another thing is carrying inventory, and investing in stock-levels yourself.

Connecting to our WMS/ERP system, solves all parts of the puzzle in one go. You have direct access to +20 Brands where you communicate directly with the suppliers EU allocated warehouse, or a distributors warehouses. It’s all happening in one place, and in one integration to your online store. The only thing you need to do, is to create the products online. Basic information is provided in the system, and you can export all of this, for being imported by CSV or Excel directly into your open Source Platform. Brilliant, Right ?

Instead of purchasing from all 20+ Suppliers, you will have access to products, that others dont + The system gives you a feature, as a shopping catalogue does. When you find product(s) you want in your shop, you simply pull these products to your own “Dashboard” inside our system.

Billing and Scaling

How it works

When connected to our systems, and products has been listed you can start selling. Once weekly, you will be billed for the product usage + shipping to your customers. Suppliers will have insight to your sales, and as you progress in sales, you will automatically be upgraded from Tier1 and up to Tier4. The more you sell, the better prices you get.

You get a personal dashboard to the inventory management system. From here, you can track all your shipments + Orders which works fantastic for customer service purposes. The system will automate 99% of the order flow, by ensuring orders are completed and captured in your open-source ERP system. We can even integrate directly with your finance system, which removes the need for manually invoicing or involving 3.party data processors.

Upgrading your services, is handled at an ease.

You aren’t forced or married with the drops shipping system forever. You can expand having your own warehouse located at the distribution center and do a mixture of 3PL and Dropshipping. Read more about 3PL in the menu section. The possibilities are endless, and by connecting to our warehouse your customers will feel little to no difference. We can do next-day delivery in most of Europe, and even low-cost delivery within 2-3 days.