An organisation is taken to a higher level, when dealing with Supplement Brands on European Markets. By working closely together with our partners, we are able to provide a solid fundament for our customers. The European Union and member countries, is a complex gathering of 27 countries speaking just as many languages. Unfortunately all member states, has their own legislations and regulations as for the mandatory guidelines and demands raised in Europe.

Brands in Europe needs a strong, solid fundament for growing into a success story. Thinking that we can or do everything ourselves, would be no less than utopia and unrealistic. For our customers and partners, we have Teamed up with some well respected business that supports our way of work. Everything from accounting to building plugins for websites is handled from project phase to production.

Approved Companies, work together closely with market leaders and freelancers on the following subjects.

EU regulatory law, labelling & manufacturing

Logistics Partners

WMS & Self­Monitoring

SEO, Website Design & Development

Sales Agents