Project Description

Granite Supplements


Outsourcing to EU

Granite Supplements, had been on the European market since day one of the brand, though through a Distributor in Europe. Granite Supplements, is the child of John Meadows (IFBB Professional) & Edward Koo (Co-founder of Iron Rebel)

Selling high-quality Supplements, does not automatically make them suitable for a distribution model, with distributors abroad. Hence We brought an alternative which opened up for further key-business in Europe.

  • B2C driven Platform

  • Own B2B supply-chain

  • No unwanted costs

Low Cost, High Effeciency

Outsourcing or using 3PL logistics, can be expensive. Especially when you should account for Customer Service & Support + Administration in general.

For Granite Supplements, the need was a platform being able to scale on. With no warehouse fee’s other than the expenses in terms of shipping. Depending on the agreement, the solution is tailored to the individual needs which can vary from “pick and pack” prices to commission based settlements.

  • Customer Service

  • Administration

  • Logistics

No Warehousing fees
Import Assistance & Brokerage
B2B Agents & Specialists
Automated from A-Z


In 2019 more and more business, is based on a model where sales directly B2C is what makes the business a success. The direct B2C sales, make it possible for a Premium Quality and highly dosed supplement brand, such as Granite Supplements to uphold their reputation. Cutting out the distributor chain abroad, and managing it yourself is where it get’s difficult. With Approved Companies as a 3PL & Adminstrative partner, you can focus on branding and maintenance of your key business. Let us help you grow your Brand in Europe.