Project Description

Realtime Tracking



Tracking your orders, has to be easy, simple and transparrent when outsourcing your logistics and warehousing. Our system is setup to provide an overview of all sales related aspects from order received to order delivered.

Real-Time Tracking

As a 3PL or Dropshipping customer, your E-commerce shop is chained together with our Powerfull ERP System which is customised for doing business in Europe. The Platform leaves a transparrent overview of your order and shipment statuses. No more looking up tracking numbers – You can follow it all in one system from the order is sent to delivered.

  • Overview

  • Scaleability

  • Cost-effecient

Real-Time Shipment Tracking
Handle returns Easily
Integrates with all major Shippers and E-commerce
Scale as much as you desire


Serving customers efficiently by providing your agents with real-time tracking, and complete overview of the order flow, makes it easy and convenient to implement into your system. 3PL or dropshipping should not make the case of selling products hard, but instead make it easy and effortless.