What is Shared Distribution?

Shared distribution, is what suits the business model best when discussing a general term for the way of workflow that our systems provide.

Imagine Amazon Prime -> You stock your inventory at their warehouse, for fulfilling your own orders to an already established network. For providing the sale and infrastructure, Amazon takes a fee from the sales which is deducted from your revenue. It’s a solid model, and everyone knows that Amazon is one of (if not) the strongest players on the market, as customers seeks convenience.

A Shared Distribution Center, can have some resemblance to the above mentioned model. If you are a supplier, with the need of an EU located warehouse, we are able to provide you with the tools necessary for distributing it via our 3PL Services. BUT, even better, we are able to provide our network of established and connected shops (dropshipping, dedicated shops or even brick and motar) with YOUR products without a traditional sale.

What about numbers?

Sharing your inventory in an innovative way, will give you increased profit, as a supplier as you cut out the traditional distributor, from the supply-chain.

If a product, from your (suppliers) inventory, is sold (distributed) through our network, the system will keep track on whom of our connected retailers is using the inventory to fulfill their orders.

Everything is flowing through Approved Companies, in an elegant and transparrent way, which ensures you are getting paid. To meet the requirement from our Retailers, the owner of the products (supplier) will specify 4 levels of pricing for each SKU that is hosted in our warehouse. Weekly, a report will be generated for the sales overview to each of our retailers. This report, will serve as an foundation for billing Approved Companies, for the total product usage. In return, we take a commission for providing the sales, just as Amazon, but cheaper.


The benefits of a shared distribution center is endless. Furthermore the benefits of a shared distribution center, which crosses platforms is whats needed in the 2020 Supply Chain.

You have the benefits of driving sales the traditional way, using our 3PL and Sales Services or whatever you wish for in that equation. But where the system and setup of Approved Companies, is different from others, is that we provide you a way to sell physical products, in a digital supply chain, and reap the benefits of the fact, that todays Retailers are mainly Online E-commerce.

  • Cut-off the expensive distributor chain

  • Drive sales directly to online E-commerce shops

  • Mix the traditional way of selling, together with the future

How To?

Approved Companies, provides the knowledge and network for letting you succeed with your Enterprise, on european soil. At the same time, you as a manufacturer should handle all Marketing Aspects, in generating organic demand for your products.

Our Team of specialists, will create a plan on the integration together with the marketing and brand aspects for making sure your products and brand succeeds. Approved Companies, does not only move boxes, but serve as a Partner to our suppliers.

  • Ship your inventory, to our warehouse in Germany

  • Connect your E-commerce store, or Leave as consignment stock

  • Select how you want to distribute (B2C, B2B, Sharing)