The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…

More than just 3PL Logistics

Outsourcing the logistics functionality of an enterprise, is not uncommon. As an example for a fulfilment service, you can look at your bulky neighbour, Amazon Prime. Amazon prime is a great place to be if you need direct access to an already established customer base, but you dont get the flexibility of running your company and service organ, as you maybe want to.

There are Logistics centers around Europe, that helps you with storage & pick and pack in return of warehouse fees + variable costs. This is a great way of outsourcing the logistic functionalities, and focus on selling and branding your products.

Where it falls short in terms of long-distance corporation is that there is no-one to manage the daily activities of the company which includes more aspects than just moving boxes. If you are working in another time-zone you are limiting your ability to provide customer service, sales support & maintenance in general. The end result might be that you are not building up trust around your organisation or customer relations.

Entering the EU

Making your Supplement or Fitness related company succeed on the european market, takes more than just moving the boxes. You already know that but did you know the following.

  • All EU member countries has mandatory guidelines but
    • Any country can state, can chose to have their own laws and regulations
    • The rate on VAT is possible as variable, as there are countries in the union
    • Demand for labelling is country specific
    • Some countries are more aggressive in regulations than other
    • You need a representative, to legally distribute in EU

Yes it sounds complicated… because it is. Our knowledge & network makes the transition to becoming an EU based enterprise, much smoother and less dramatic. By linking manufacturers with regulatory specialists in their respective fields.

3PL is in general the least of the challenges when considering EU as a market, but thats where Approved Companies comes into play by offering:

  • An already Established distribution Network.
  • Sales Team, of respected consultants
  • Support Team, for an effective end-consumer service
  • Directly being able to sell B2C, and not only B2B
  • Project Management & IT development.

Every customers needs, gets discussed and tailored to to the specific organisation.